This is a simple little project suitable for ages 4 to 8. In this project we will make a princess but the process is readily adaptable and can be used to make any little character your artfarmer desires. For instance, using black paper, you could make a witch. if you wanted to make a male character (such as a vampire) you could make a top hat and give the character fangs, the possibilities are endless!

For this project you will need:

scissors (safety scissors for your helper and maybe sharper ones for yourself)

white paper

a brush

a black marker

a toilet roll insert

flesh toned paint (or mix your colours to achieve the tone you desire)

wool for the hair (your choice of colour)

glue (I used pva to get inside the toilet roll tube but if you don’t have it you can get away with a glue stick)

a palatte or plastic plate for your paint and pva.

some scraps of coloured paper/tissue paper to decorate or your artfarmer can decorate with marker/pencils etc.

  1. Have your artfarmer paint the top third of your tube with the paint and leave to dry.
2. Gather your wool as seen above, (little one can do this).

3. Cut off the loops on one end (it may be easier if you do this).

4. Have your artfarmer paint the pva or glue stick around the inside of the tube for just half of it as shown.

5. Measure the tube against your white paper and cut out enough paper to cover the bottom two thirds of your tube.

6. Have your artfarmer stick the white paper onto your tube (the glue stick is easier for this)

7. Your artfarmer can place the figure on the white paper and draw a larger circle around it for the rim of the hat.

8. Once the circle is cut out, you can glue it in place as shown.

9. Your artfarmer can make a cone shape with the white paper and you can glue it together and cut off the excess.

10. To decorate the princess I used scraps of tissue paper to decorate the front of the dress and the crown. Your artfarmer might like to decorate with pencils/markers/crayons.

And there we have it! A little princess. I hope you enjoyed making this craft and please show me pics of what you made!

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