Back in 2007 when I first started Artfarm I didn’t fully realise the importance of the name and of my location. As the years have passed and many children have came and went I have come to realise that the bit of time outdoors that the kids get at Artfarm is almost as important as the art.

Here the kids learn teamwork while building cubbie houses, art while scribbling on slates, beauty while arranging leaves and flowers.

In the artroom they learn the importance of messy play, getting their hands dirty. They also learn from their mistakes, when something goes wrong they learn to recover from it and move on.

I should also point out that I am continually learning from the children too, each fresh wave of eager young artists teach me so much.

Below are some pictures from ArtFarm Easter camp 2023.

googly eyes craze!
life size portraits
tissue paper art drying

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