Artfarm offers art classes for all ages with an emphasis on fun and messy play. We focus on process art, this is art where the process of making is more important than the finished product. For more on the benefits of art classes for kids.

Over the course of the five weeks the younger children will experience the fun (and mess!) of:

  • Working with clay
  • Papier mache
  • painting etc.

The older age group will do work which will prepare them for secondary school while also having fun!. As such they will learn about:

  • the elements of art,
  • the magic of the colour wheel,
  • a fresh take on still life,
  • modern portraits etc.

Artfarm will take place at two venues at the moment, at the Family resource centre in Killaloe and at East Clare community co-op in Scariff.

Currently offering classes for two age groups,

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